Local attractions - Laigueglia & Cervo


The small coastal village of Laigueglia is located right next to the world-famous city of Alassio and is therefore almost overlooked. The place is for anyone who longs for a little more peace and tranquility - a destination for those seeking solace. Miles of sandy beaches invite you to beautiful walks, alone or shared.


Then you can sit down and enjoy one of the delightful restaurant cookies and enjoy your cappuccino or a leisurely lunch in the small yet very authentic center. In the restaurant "A Ciassa" (Piazza Garibaldi 26) really delicious fish dishes are served. What else can be a perfect way to end the sunny day than with good food and wine?


The beautiful town of Cervo is known worldwide for its classical concerts as well as for its international music master classes. The village was built on a steep slope. This undoubtedly fascinates all visitors with the breathtaking sea views - like a fictional setting you've always dreamed of. The small winding streets where you can find special cafes and shops with handmade treasures invite you to unforgettable walks.