Sports & Leisure

The Italian Riviera and its hinterland are a paradise for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Of course, the beach area offers the best refreshing water, great sandy beaches and the famous water sports. But an absolute must is the hilly hinterland where magical river baths and kilometers of hiking trails attract mountain bikers who often come up against their limits. The generosity of nature can be felt everywhere in the area.

River pools - Waterfalls - sandy beaches

River pools - Waterfalls

Besides river pools and waterfalls close to all the places mentioned, there are also famous river pools and waterfalls of Argentina, which are quite suitable in many places for smaller


By car down the mountain to the T-junction, turn left to Badalucco and sea, turn right again after 200 m, at the "Trattoria da Graziella" (reasonably priced lunch menu to 13h 45) and after another 150m drive, park near the bridge at the lane road beside the river into the
valley (towards West). If you pass the yellow house on the river and the old stone house behind it, turn left, down a trail to the river, there you will find the majestic baths and waterfalls. Montalto is a haven for rejuvenation.

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Various options: In addition to the washing area of the old ladies at the end of the small lane (which leads from the Piazza with the church to the river), you can work on your tan among the rocks. The small waterfalls are excitingly refreshing. From the small parking lot behind the bridge opposite the pharmacy, at the end, you can go down to the river and swim there. The waves
are flatter and so also suitable for smaller children.


From Montalto, turn off the new bridge over the river (opposite the pharmacy) to the right and continue to the end of the parking lot.
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Molini, Andagna and Triora:

The nearest river baths for these villages are located in Molini di Triora, each about 5 minutes' drive away from Andagna and Triora and located on the road to Triora on the outskirts Molini's. There is also a free, newly created park. From this one go about 150 m back towards Molini and then left down to the river.

Sandy Mediterranean beaches




On the coastal road to San Remo, pass through Carrefour  supermarket, then at the next roundabout make a U-turn and vis-a-vis the supermarket straight right under the underpass to
the sea, then about 300m until the beaches are in front of you. Left Hand ample parking (0.90 euros per hour)


The Mai Ben beach has a nice location in a small bay by the sea- perfect for
meditative times. The food at lunchtime is also fine.



Se Stante:

Fancy beach with a nice terrace in Bussana where you can grab good sandwiches and salads, beach chairs and umbrellas can be half-day or full day rental, but also the free use of the beach is possible here.


Arma di Taggia:


From the Argentina Valley and from Badalucco coming straight the main roads until you arrive to the small fishing port in Arma. Around the port, turn right (over the tennis courts), after another 100 m left hand, then it will also lead you to a fancier beach called Bagni
Viktoria. Also worth mentioning are the close sandy beaches of the Riviera and the elegant atmosphere of the Cote D'Azur cities like Nice and Antibes, which are quickly accessible by car and are inviting to a trip to other worlds.

Sport and Nature

Sport and Nature

Here in the Argentina Valley sports and nature lovers are guaranteed to experience fun. Whether hiking, swimming in one of the magnificent river baths or mountain biking, riding or
tennis, everyone finds almost everything here. Of course, yoga and Pilates are also offered; a relaxing massage after the hike looks wonderful. In 'Adagio' in Badalucco recently a wellness
area has been opened with a sauna.

Mountain walks and picnics

Of course you can safely walk alone through the hills and olive groves. However, there are guided hikes by experts, which are showing you the beauty of the Argentina valley in more details. These activities can be combined with a picnic on one of the countless ridges
overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


The guided mountain hiking takes, depending to customers specification, between 3 and 5 hours - picnic is offered on request with -, and costs depending on the number of persons and duration between 30 and 50 EUR per person.


A special highlight is a walk followed by brunch and swimming in the crystal clear mountain river Lago Verde, who owes its name to the really green water here.


Wonderful views and great natural guaranteed, even children's programs are definitely possible.

Mountain climbing and climbing courses

Experienced and qualified mountain guides from Bavaria can most certainly share to you eventful moments and safe return. Taster courses for beginners and young peopleis also possible.


Horse Riding inTaggia

A riding stable with great horses are at the entrance point of the valley in Taggia – rides are possible. When you cross in Taggia the new bridge over the river and turn right immediately after the bridge, you come directly to the stables. Beautiful horses and ponies, also worth watching. Registration and information at tel. + 39-0184 477083 (we speak Italian).


Mountain biking

The Argentina Valley is the first choice for mountain bikers and downhill riders. Since there is almost no truck traffic in the valley, the route to go up to Triora and the tours are very popular through the valleys. Whether with your own bike or a rented, the fun is guaranteed and places for recreation and for the deserved beer after that are also everywhere to find. In Molini di Triora there are 2 professional, English mountain operators offering different tours and cycling.




A great leisure time for children is birdwatching at the Argentinariver, an invigorating natural experience. There are besides seagulls and ducks, geese, swans and even cormorants. From Badalucco, Montalto or Triora coming, straight up to Arma, under the bridge of the Aurelia (SS1, San Remo - Imperia) pass towards the port, then on the left side just before the small fishing port.




Both in Montalto and in Triora there are tennis courts. The use of the idyllic tennis court in Montalto is free. The course is located near the river on the road between Badalucco and Montalto. Tennis lessons for children and adults on request.


Yoga and Pilates

Courses for Yoga, Platis and back exercises are offered several times a week in Montalto in the local community hall. Participation in single hours is possible in the short term for a small fee.


Cycling along the sea and bike rental


Certainly one of the best biking trails in Europe can be found very close to the sea. The now untertunnelt railway line was laid, and instead a fantastic bike and hiking trail was opened directly by the sea, which runs from Sanremo to Arma di Taggia and in the future, perhaps until after Imperia. The matching bicycles, one may rent both in Sanremo as well as at different places in Taggia, partly way rentals are available.

Rental office in Arma di Taggia:

Between the old railway station (Stazione Vecchia) and the beach promenade in the center of Arma. From Badalucco, Montalto or Triora, you drive the highway to the bridge at the end and turn right towards San Remo. At the first, large roundabout turn left to Arma and follow the road. The road bends to the right after about 200m, on the left side we have the old station, shortly after turn left to the beach promenade, where you can also find on the right hand the same bicycle hire. Prices vary according to type and length


San Remo:

From Arma, drive along the coastal road and in Sanremo behind the 'Villa Nobel' (ornate villa on your left) turn the first street left; there is bike rental on the left side. In Italian holiday month of August rent the bike after 5 pm or early in the morning, at other times, it is often
too crowded and too hot.


Santo Stefano and San Lorenzo:

Even in these two places by the sea between Imperia and Arma di Taggia Rental bikes are available, prices vary but are usually comparable.