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06. November 2023
The Pumpkin Show of Murta
The scenic and delectable Pumpkin Show of Murta makes its return on the days 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th of November.
30. October 2023
The Essential Guide to Porcini Mushroom Hunting in Liguria, Italy
Liguria, Italy, boasts lush forests perfect for porcini mushroom hunting, with diverse locations like Pigna, Castelvittorio, and Triora providing immersive experiences. Bardineto's Festa Nazionale del Fungo d'Oro and the scenic beauty of Mount Beigua are must-visit spots. Valle Scrivia, Valle Stura, and Valfontanabuona offer aromatic woods with porcini mushrooms.
23. October 2023
The Most Amazing Halloween in Liguria
Are you in search of a memorable halloween celebration? Could there be a more perfect setting than the "village of witches" in Triora to embrace the enigmatic essence of this fun and spooky celebration?
16. October 2023
La Dolce Vita in your Dream Italian Countryside Retreat
Italy's countryside has a timeless charm that captivates hearts. If you dream of peace, authenticity, and natural beauty, Italy's rural landscpes offer a unique way of life. Why Choose the Italian Countryside? Italy's coutryside, in various regions, offer compelling reasons to consider making it your home:
09. October 2023
Italy's Autumn Splendour: Foliage and Experiences
Discover the vibrant autumn foliage and engaging activities in Italy. From the Dolomites to Val d'Orcia, Umbria, and Gran Paradiso National Park, explore the beauty of autumn.
02. October 2023
A Quick Guide to Selling Your Property in Italy
Selling real estate in Italy can be a complex process, even more for foreign property owners but we'll provide a simplified guide to help you navigate it successfully. 1. Know the Market: Before you start, understand the local real estate market. Research demand, pricing trends, and competition in your area. Seek advice from local experts for insights.