News from the region

Local attractions

Discover the profound beauty of this unique region and explore the diverse attractions of the Riviera, in France and Monte Carlo. Explore more reasons of
living the Bella Casa Liguria way.


No wonder the Ligurian cuisine is widely praised. The world famous 'pesto' has its origins here and can be served with
spaghetti, sometimes also with potatoes and green beans.

Sports and leisure

The Italian Riviera and its hinterland is
paradise for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. The beach area offers the best water quality - great sandy beaches and the famous water sports.

Village festivals

The colorful village festivals in the Argentina Valley and the neighboring valleys are all-time favourites for their
great cultural charm.

Special events

“Kurzweil is always trump” at the Riviera of Flowers. We regularly inform you
about 'Special Events' on the Italian Riviera, in Monaco or nearby France.


Lovers of culture can have a really rich experience here in Liguria. Whether it's opera evenings in Montalto, the summer classical music festival in Cervo or Impressionist exhibition in Genoa, there is so much to experience and there is something to find for everyone.

(More soon ...)