The Pumpkin Show of Murta

The Pumpkin Show of Murta

The scenic and delectable Pumpkin Show of Murta makes its return on the days 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th of November.

Long, plump, colourful, and always unique, pumpkins are among the symbols of autumn. While they are often associated with Halloween, their history dates back to the time of the Phoenicians. However, they truly gained popularity after the discovery of America. These whimsical gourds even have a playful scientific name: cucurbits. For 37 years, Murta, a picturesque hillside hamlet in the Val Polcevera area of Genoa, has been the proud host of the renowned "Mostra della Zucca di Murta".

Two weekends of Pumpkin Delight


The festivities kick off on Saturday, November 11th, and Sunday, November 12th, and continue with an encore on Saturday, November 18th, and Sunday, November 19th. The theme for 2023 is "Pumpkins: Bridging Sports and Games. Staying Fit with Cucurbits." The exhibition stands, set up alongside the Murta parish, showcase the beloved garden fruit in all its splendid diversity. In addition to the pumpkins, you'll discover tempting pumpkin-themed delicacies such as pumpkin jams, pumpkin-infused pasta, and delightful pumpkin sweets. Prizes will be awarded for the largest pumpkin, the longest pumpkin, the quirkiest pumpkin, and the most beautiful pumpkin.


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The Essential Guide to Porcini Mushroom Hunting in Liguria, Italy

The essential guide to porcini mushroom hunting in liguria, italy

Liguria, Italy, boasts lush forests perfect for porcini mushroom hunting, with diverse locations like Pigna, Castelvittorio, and Triora providing immersive experiences. Bardineto's Festa Nazionale del Fungo d'Oro and the scenic beauty of Mount Beigua are must-visit spots. Valle Scrivia, Valle Stura, and Valfontanabuona offer aromatic woods with porcini mushrooms.


Sesta Godano and Varese Ligure in the Vara Valley are known for their organic produce and top-quality porcini mushrooms. Cinque Terre's Campiglia and Volastra hide elusive varieties like the violaceo-capped Colombina and the sought-after black porcini.


Adhering to Liguria's regulations is crucial, with a daily limit of 3 kilograms per person and designated collection days in specific regions. Use a wicker basket, knife, and brush for effective collection without disturbing the forest floor. Opt for dry cleaning methods to retain their rich flavour.

Partake in Liguria's vibrant mushroom festivals and workshops, such as the Fiera del Fungo in Pornassio, and enjoy authentic Ligurian flavours  at 'Ca Mea' in Badalucco, known for its exquisite funghi porcini dishes.

The Most Amazing Halloween in Liguria

The Most Amazing Halloween in Liguria

Are you in search of a memorable halloween celebration? Could there be a more perfect setting than the "village of witches" in Triora to embrace the enigmatic essence of this fun and spooky celebration?


The ancient village of Triora is nestled in the heights of Imperia, in the Ligurian Alps Park, dating back to the Roman era, it gained its famous nickname due to the substantial prevalence of witchcraft trials during the late 1500s. Every year, Triora commemorates Halloween with enthusiasm, hosting a diverse array of activities including thrilling rituals, immersive workshops, and captivating fire and magic performances spanning across a two-day period.


This Halloween the two day festivities in Triora will unfold on the 31st of October and 1st of November 2023. Delight in the presence of ghosts, pumkins, and witches, in the most exciting celebration of the year, featuring a Halloween market, engaging children's workshops, enchanting magic shows, an exclusive hauted tour, costume parades, mystical ceremonies, and markets filled with traditional products, masks, cauldrons, and magic wands.


You can find the full program in the following link:

La Dolce Vita in your Dream Italian Countryside Retreat

la dolce vita in your dream italian coutryside retreat


Italy's countryside has a timeless charm that captivates hearts. If you dream of peace, authenticity, and natural beauty, Italy's rural landscpes offer a unique way of life.


Why Choose the Italian Countryside?


Italy's coutryside, in various regions, offer compelling reasons to consider making it your home:


1. Scenic Beauty: From Tuscany to Liguria, Italy's countryside boasts breathtaking landscapes with rolling hills and vineyards.


2. Cultural Richness: Immerse yourself in Italy's rich culture, where each region has unique traditions, festivals, and culinary specialties.


3. Culinary Delights: Savour Italy's cuisine with access to fresh, local ingredients in the countryside.


4. Escape the Urban Rush: Find serenity in the countryside, away from city life's hustle and bustle.


5. Coastal Proximity: Some regions, like Liguria, Campania and Arbuzzo offer both countryside living and easy access to the Italian coastline.


Finding Your Dream Countryside Home:


Whether it's Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, or other Italian regions, we specialise in connecting you with properties that match your vision. From rustic farmhouses to elegant villas, we'll guide you through the real estate market.


Italy's countryside, in various regions, combines rural tranquility with culture and natural beauty. If you dream of a life surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and delectable cuisine, Italy's countryside is where you'll find it.


Italy's Autumn Splendour: Foliage and Experiences

Italy's Autumn Splendour: Foliage and Experiences

Discover the vibrant autumn foliage and engaging activities in Italy. From the Dolomites to Val d'Orcia, Umbria, and Gran Paradiso National Park, explore the beauty of autumn.

1. Dolomites - South Tyrol, Northern Italy

Enjoy golden larch trees against mountain peaks and pick chestnuts during your hike in Alpe di Siusi.


2. Val d'Orcia - Tuscany, Central Italy

Explore rolling hills and vineyards in Pienza and Montepulciano. Don't miss the local pumpkin patches.


3. Umbria - Central Italy


Discover lush forests and historic towns, and join the chestnut harvest in Norcia.


4. Gran Paradiso National Park - Graian Alps, Northwestern Italy

Experience beech and conifer trees, hike to Lago di Ceresole Reale, and gather chestnuts during your visit.


Italy's autumn offers both stunning colours and engaging activities in diverse landscapes that promise unforgettable experiences. Capture the moments, wear comfortable hiking boots, and embark on a remarkable Italian autumn adventure. Don't forget to savour local cuisine and wines for an authentic experience.