Terms of Service

1. The opening of negotiations or the use of an offer in any form (ie via e-mail, fax, telephone or in person), and arrange an appointment by the client entering into a contract and acceptance of these terms.


2. All done under the assumption that the receiver wants to acquire the object in question even our listings. All messages and offers are therefore confidential; disclosure to third parties is strictly prohibited and liable for damages. If it is due to the unlawful disclosure of the offer to come to a conclusion - explicitly with a family member, a connected to the receiver company or a company in which the recipient is involved, then the recipient is obliged to pay damages in the amount of the full commission fee.


3. All Information about offers specified by us based upon information from the seller. For the correctness and completeness, we assume no liability. Any claims for damages against us are excluded.


4. In case of direct negotiations between the seller and buyer both sides always have to refer to our company and respect their position. However, our company needs to be consulted and integrated into all negotiations at the latest before signing the preliminary and the notary act.


5. The commission fee arises and becomes due with the conclusion of our brokered sale contract. The commission fee is also payable if another property of the seller, similar in nature, location or size property will lead to a contract with the buyer brokered by us. Our claim to the brokerage fee also remains in the case if the concluded contract has been subsequently reversed or possibly being disputed to be invalid or proves to be invalid for legal reasons. This also applies in the event that our mediation was only next to or partly responsible for the establishment of a contractual relationship. The commission fee is due also in full if the property presented by us will be offered at a later date by the seller directly or by another broker and it comes to a conclusion of a sale contract.


6. Commission


6.1. The commission fee payable by the buyer is 3% of the purchase price plus VAT, but at least 5,000 EUR excl. VAT.


6.2. The commission fee payable by the seller is 3% of the purchase price plus VAT, but at least 5,000 EUR excl. VAT.


The commission fee is due upon signing the preliminary contract.


7. We are fully authorized to act also for the other party.


8. Allowances: In the event that the seller gives up its intention to sell the house, pulls back from the sale or sells the property through a third party, Kauffmann & Kauffmann Kft. is entitled to an allowance. This depends on the complexity and value of the property, but has to be at least 4,000 EUR excl. VAT.


9. All collateral agreements must be in writing.


10. If any provision in these terms will become invalid, the validity of other provisions of the Terms shall not be affected.


11. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Cork, Ireland.


The legally authorized agent:


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