Real estate for sale with added value

A house may be found quickly, but what comes next? A collaboration with Casa Bella Liguria offers the required value for the phase afterwards.


We have the experience and the local contacts you need. On request, we can provide reference material.


Our long-term partner will help you with a number of several local services:

  • Authorization procedures and building permits
  • Construction and renovation by experienced craft companies
  • Professional restoration or re-establishment of the original state
  • Day-to-day project management during construction
  • Interior design
  • Garden planning and planting
  • Property Management
  • Rental-marketing for your return-on-investment


Rent a holiday home in full service by experienced professionals with their own marketing solutions and international holiday home portals. If necessary, we can assist in the financing aspects of your dream home in Italy. Our partner banks in Italy are providing finances even in times of financial crisis, the acquisition and restoration of your holiday home. Talk to us, we are happy to arrange for a no-obligation financing appointment with one of our partner banks in Liguria.